Fresh berries and yogurt

Although just eating a bit of fruit and yogurt will not often satisfy my stomach until lunchtime, I still insist on starting my every day eating fresh fruit. Quite often, when I’m rushing to work at 7 am, I’ll throw all the fruit into the blender and drink my fruit while writing lesson plans on the board. On summer vacation in New Hampshire, however, I have the luxury of waking up late, going for a run, and picking the berries for my breakfast. I give the organic berries a cursory rinse and drop them in a bowl of local organic french vanilla yogurt.*

Berries: blueberries, red raspberries, golden raspberries, wild blackberries

Yogurt: Stoneyfield farms organic french vanilla

*Disclaimer: Stoneyfield yogurt is produced in NH with milk from cows throughout New England. So it’s mostly local.