Goat Cheese Scramble

Combine eggs, sea salt, pepper, and a splash of cream or milk in a bowl. Whisk briefly. Pour into a buttered pan over medium-low heat. These eggs are meant to be cooked very slowly. Cook the eggs until desired consistency is reached – some like their scrambles still a bit gooey, others refuse to see any liquid at all. Remove from heat and immediately stir in fresh chevre and some chives from your garden. Scoop onto a plate and devour immediately! For maximum nutrition, I recommend you enjoy your breakfast with freshly picked berries or farmers market peaches.

(photo coming soon…)


Local eggs, local fresh chevre, local butter, local cream or milk, garden chives, sea salt and pepper. The amounts will all vary according to how many you want to feed and your personal taste. Dislike chives? Throw in some parsley or rosemary instead. Are your tomatoes ripening? Slice some up and add them when you add the goat cheese.